Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet Baby Jesus Souther Tour pulls into Innervisions!

Wow! It is almost here! The Sweet Baby Jesus Southern Tour will be coming to Innervisions for March and April. The tour features the artwork of visionary John Calhoun and Douglas Copeland. This show is not to be missed! Take a peak at John Calhoun's artist statement:

It's said that hardship occasionally produces 

art. Hardship is certainly one of the things 

that has, at least, given my work some 

direction. There are otherso includingo anger, 

lust, satisfaction, moral disgust, and an 

enlightened spirit. I dropped out of graduate 

school to pursue an understanding of these 

things and they have provided me with 

continuing change and inspiration, major 

junctures providing major changes in my life 

as well as in my art. Love has had its effect. 

LSD has had its. The decay surrounding me 

has had its--these pseudo Christians and 

fallen politicians--and prison, of course, has 

had its effect. The current show combines 

what I amo what I have learned, and where 

I've been to this point, combines it all and 

offers it up as a cautionary taleo a judgment, a 

huge joke, a statement of being and validity, 

and an advance in the knowledge of forms 

that art can take.

Opening will be March 6, 6-10pm.

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